What our Customers say...


Mold Remediation - Quincy, IL

Arrived on time, very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Sewage Loss - Quincy, IL

The speed and professionalism were outstanding. The crew came in and addressed sewage backup in my grannies basement. They made sure to explain the process and ensure everything was clean when they left They'll get the call in the future for sure.

Construction - Quincy, IL

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my experience with SERVPRO. They were extremely professional and helpful. They went above and beyond to help me out and they also did quality work. I would recommend them to anyone.

Biohazard - Quincy, IL

Ray was responsive right away and was able to get a crew over the next morning for a biohazard event. He was able to quickly give a bid that was reasonable and his crew took care of the problem. Everything looks great!

Duct Cleaning - Hannibal, Mo

They were great! So helpful and nice and did a great job with cleaning our ducts. Great company and people!

Carpet Cleaning - Quincy, IL

Cleaned carpets. Arrived on time. Was courteous and finished in a timely manner. Very good job.

Duct Cleaning - Liberty, IL

We had SERVPRO clean our ducts in our home over the summer. We were very happy with their work. It's gross what hides in there, especially in an older home. They can show you too! They also came by today to provide and place new smoke detectors all free of charge! All SERVPRO employees we encountered were respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommend!!

Blind Cleaning - Quincy, IL

SERVPRO did an outstanding job for me!
I was remodeling and I'm a smoker and my mini blinds and vertical blinds were too expensive for me to get new ones!
I didn't know how I was going to get them clean. Not knowing if they did that service or not I called. I don't think they really knew if they could do it or not so I took one of my small blinds to them. They called a couple days later said it was done and it looked brand new!! So I took the rest to them! I am very pleased! They even delivered them!???? so happy Thanks.

Carpet Cleaning - Quincy, IL

Lance was nice and efficient and he cleaned up and he reset my thermostat. It was the little things he did. I am glad that Lance represents your company.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

I would like to comment regarding the employees that were sent to our home on July 20, 2021, after our water softener flooded our basement. I cannot express enough how much we appreciated Zeek, Rich, Whitney, and Charity. First of all, they are all very hard workers and never complained once and they were extremely polite and courteous to us the entire time they were at our home. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated all of their help and kindness. These individuals are exemplary and I just wanted to thank them and let you know what a great team of people you have working for you. Thank you again for all that you did for us! 

Water Loss - Quincy, IL

Tim, T, and their crew are phenomenal. I called in the morning before 7:30 and they were there before 8:00 to assess the damage and decide what needed to be done. I appreciated their professionalism and understanding with my water damage claim. I was completely trusting to let them come in my house and set things up while I was at work and also to pick things up after they were finished. I can't recommend them enough. This is the third time my family has used them. I used them once at a rental property I own, once at my dad's house, and now once at my own home.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

Very very quick response time! Friendly employees. Excellent management!

Remodeling - Quincy, IL

The entire team could not have been better to work with! Everyone was professional and the job they did was perfect! I would recommend them for any type of job.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

From when the water crept in until the restoration was done, SERVPRO provided excellent service for us. I hope I never have to deal with a wet basement again, but if I do, my first call will be to SERVPRO.

Carpet Cleaning - Quincy, IL

Quick response. I had carpet and stairs cleaned and it all looks great and smells really clean. The team members that came were easy to work with and they got the job done in a timely manner.

Commercial Loss - Quincy, IL

The people at SERVPRO did an excellent job moving our office after we suffered a water damage event. We highly recommend them. We could not have done it without them. Great people!

Construction - Quincy, IL

Prompt service, excellent communication, very upfront about time frames and scheduling, were always on time and here when they said they would be. Excellent work by a knowledgeable crew!

Construction - Quincy, IL

SERVPRO has been great to work with they do excellent work and leave everything clean and neat when they are done. Steve and Hunter are nice guys and we have more projects in the future for them.

Mold Remediation - Quincy, IL

Excellent Service

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Quincy. We recently bought a house that had mold in the basement. Not only did they help in cleaning the mold, they helped me find areas of cost savings. The customer service was top notch and the company was honest. They were also very quick to respond and efficient with the job they did.

Mold Scope - Pittsfield, IL

Cory and his team came to my house, did a pre-test for mold, expedited the test, and got the results we were hoping for...NO MOLD. I did have them go ahead and fog and clean ducts. I highly recommend them. Very nice and courteous.

Remodeling Construction - Quincy, IL

F Cookson reviewed your business on google.com

SERVPRO removed old carpeting in three bedrooms and laid flooring in all three bedrooms. They did a great job. They came when they said they would. Jeri Beth and John were good about contacting me regarding the next step. They are wonderful people to work with. I'm planning to hire SERVPRO to lay flooring in my basement, fix the walls, and replace basement ceiling. Many people do not know that they do other work besides restoration services. I highly recommend SERVPRO.

Water Loss + Reconstruction - Quincy, IL

"I was pleasantly surprised how great it was working with you. I will for sure be calling you again should I need to. Though I hope I don't. You made a stressful situation Not So Stressful!!, Thank You!!"

Carpet Cleaning - Carthage, IL

Providers were prompt, polite, efficient and friendly. Work was done quickly.

Water Damage - Payson, IL

When our basement flooded they were there right away to help us. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommend.

Sump Pump Fail - Payson, IL

I am so thankful for T Heberlein and SERVPRO of Quincy. We had our sump pump stop working which lead to our sump pump backing up and our carpet getting saturated. He was over as soon as possible and got things in our basement well under control. If you are in need of cleanup Service grove them a call and ask for T!

Rug and Vehicle Cleaning - Quincy, IL

Thank you SERVPRO for doing an amazing job each time we use your services. We had our rug cleaned and our car detailed and they look brand new.

We had the pleasure of dealing with Tim. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly passionate. It is obvious that SERVPRO in Quincy has a sense of pride in the work they do and it shows in the end result. Amazing work, wonderful company, will definitely use SERVPRO again.

Duct Cleaning - Quincy, IL

SERVPRO was prompt in giving us a quote for duct cleaning, wiping down walls, shower cleaning and couch cleaning. The quote was reasonable for the work desired. They arrived early for the job and worked continuously until the job was done. They removed air vents that were painted to the walls without ruining the paint. They showed me pictures of inside the duct work before cleaning. The only thing I would change would be for the walls around the duct work to be wiped down after cleaning and sweeping up afterwards. The lady had wiped them down before the cleaning so there were some places I had to go back and wipe down. I should have asked about seeing after cleaning pictures. The duct machine also left some marks on my carpet but when I pointed them out to the workers, they used the cleaning machine to clean them up. I would recommend SERVPRO.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

I had a great experience from SERVPRO Quincy. Minutes after contact I had staff on site and they had dryers going. Due to their timely response more damages were mitigated. They take great pride in timeliness, customer service and quality of work. They were also very knowledgeable about working all other aspects of the disaster out - insurance, reconstruction, etc. I would highly recommend using them for your disaster recovery needs!

Water/Mold in Macomb, IL

Amazing experience. The crew was prompt, professional and extremely considerate of their effect on persons in the location. Mine was a residential water/mold clean up. I had thought about doing the project myself. Upon further consideration (and my wife's suggestion) I got a quote from them before I began work. They handled all the heavy lifting. They were quick getting all the materials from A to disappeared. They also worked closely with the adjuster to give me a quality seamless experience. It was definitely worth the price. They even notified me on other areas that would potentially serve as a great health risk if not done properly. My wife, being an RN recognized the pathogens and urged to get it done right the first time. I am extremely satisfied with the experience and look forward to them meeting any other needs that arise in my home.


Thank you for responding so quickly and kindly to my call. I called you because I had seen SERVPRO on television. 

Thank you again."

Water in Basement - Quincy, IL

Had water in my basement and needed something done right away. They got it taken care of right away.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

We have nothing but good things to say about our experience. They were on time, stayed on schedule, and got everything cleaned up. Thank you.

"Jeri Beth and her crew was wonderful to work with from day one. She made the situation much easier to deal with, with her knowledge and reassurance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Duct Cleaning - Quincy, IL 

Great job, excellent price and friendly service! Thank you for the excellent job you did cleaning out our air ducts. Elias was professional, yet friendly and down to earth. He went above and beyond and when he left, he left no trace. The price was hard to beat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!!

Floor Cleaning - Monroe City, Mo

Their work at Mark Twain Landing campground has been outstanding.

Building Community thru Service - Quincy, IL

SERVPRO is such an amazing business in our community! They provide top notch quality service and help people at some of the worst points in their life, during the loss of their home or otherwise. They also are leaders in the community when it comes to volunteerism and helping those in need. Specifically, Tim and his team hosted a build day for a local charity called Sleep in Heavenly Peace that provides beds to children in our community that are without one. They also work tirelessly week in and week out to make sure the local mini pantries are filled in our neighborhoods! They even went as far as building an additional pantry to serve as a new location for kids and citizens that are hungry! Highly recommend!

Cleaning Biohazard - Golden, IL

SERVPRO was a great help to our facility during a COVID situation. Tim is very personable and helpful and his team that did our cleaning was very professional. Great service!!!

Carpet & Tile Cleaning - Macomb, IL

The technicians were prompt and professional especially following COVID 19 protocol. My carpet, stairs and tile floors were spotless after they finished. I strongly recommend using SERVPRO for carpet and tile cleaning.

Water Damage - Quincy, IL

I called what I thought looked like a locally owned business and SERVPRO to both do a estimate on a small amount of water damage. The other guys told me it would cost over 4X what SERVPRO charged me and planned to fix problem EXACTLY the same way. Also Tim the guy who showed up lives locally and owns business so I got the best of both worlds. Also a down to earth guy who was ready to help immediately and get his hands dirty. Fair, fast ,and thorough. And didn't try to rip me off which is what I think everyone is looking for when obtaining a service like this. A+

Community Service - Quincy, IL Smoke Alarm Install

T Heberlein was very friendly and informative about the fire alarms that he was installing. He asked if there were any places that I would rather have them installed that kept the house aesthetically pleasing. It was not a long process about a half an hour. Thank you for helping our family to be safe.

Duct Cleaning - Macomb, IL

We had our ductwork cleaned after our dryer stopped working. SERVPRO was able to work us in quickly despite being an hour from Their location. Elias came in with a friendly and accommodating attitude. He was efficient, kind to our children, and very tidy about his job. Thank you, Elias, for a great experience with SERVPRO!

SERVPRO did a great job! Thank you!

New Carpet - Quincy, IL

After SERVPRO dried out our flooded basement, we needed new carpet and pad. So, we ordered it through them and used their installer. It was the best experience yet with carpet. Our last installer took a week and did a subpar job. SERVPRO's installer was done in one day and it was great. We have hired him again for a different home project. 

Very pleased with the sound the alarm. Very polite and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Really did a good job on our project.

I participated in the “Sound the Alarm” program and I am truly appreciative. T was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the program, the most effective placement for the detectors and had them installed quickly. I would highly recommend any services that SERVPRO offers.

Tyler did a wonderful job on our carpets! He was prompt, highly professional and had an outgoing personality. He clearly loved his job and we loved working with him!

I appreciate the quick response to my water problem when my sump pump failed. Serv-Pro was on site and working within 20 minutes. The entire team worked past normal hours so that I could have peace of mind. Not one person complained but instead was very understanding and accommodating. The team worked well together, they were not only genuinely kind, they were also professional. This is my 2nd water issue in 3 years and both times Serv-Pro was on site and working within 20 minutes. Tim has worked very hard to build and maintain the service and quality expected from the customer. I can only guess that Serv-Pro's Corporate office wishes every franchise owner was like Tim. I would highly recommend Tim and his Serv-Pro team for all your cleaning needs. They also clean my carpets and do an excellent job.

I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Quincy. Everyone is very pleasant to work with. Elias and Tatiana are thorough and so very polite!! Thank you, guys!!

Great Company doing Business in Quincy, IL

We have worked with SERVPRO of Quincy many different times. And the professionalism, Quality of service, and commitment to customers is excellent.

"Really appreciate all your help with taking care of the water damage at our home."

"Team is very good at what they do. Great work team!"

Water Damage in Taylor, Mo.

Fast response! Excellent quality work! Very professional!

Carpet & Tile/Grout Cleaning in Nauvoo, IL

We are very pleased with the work done by Tyler Hickman on Friday the 3rd of January. And he was very pleasant while here. We would definitely hire him again.

We are very pleased with the work SERVPRO has done for us. Tim ******* went above and beyond for us. Tim went the extra mile to coordinate others and serve our needs in the area there at a very affordable price. Our property in Warsaw has been restored to its natural pristine state. We cannot thank Tim and SERVPRO enough for the work they have done for us. If you have clean-up and these kinds of service needs - call SERVPRO!

The SERVPRO was quick to respond to our water soaked basement. The team were very professional and did an amazing job of helping us clean up and dry out our basement. I would recommend them to anyone who has any problems if water in their home.

We had some water in our basement after a substantial amount of rain fell. The people from SERVPRO were very helpful. They came out quickly and got things cleaned up. They were very good to work with.

I would definitely recommend SERVPRO for what ever you need done. They are reliable and the work they do is excellent. We needed them to replace all our drop ceiling tile and clean the tracks. I have also used them to clean our carpets, well done!

They arrived within 90 minutes of calling. They did great with my flooded basement.

"I know that your workers are not allowed tips but I would feel remiss if I did not give a shout-out to Austin. He was such a hard worker and never anything but completely polite. Thank you, Austin!"

Austin Cook, who came to our house was very helpful. He went above and beyond helping to carry out large wet boxes. Tim Porter, on the phone, was also quick acting and helpful.

Dear Jeri Beth,

We appreciate the prompt attention and service that we received from SERVPRO. Hopefully we will not need your service in the future, but SERVPRO will be our choice. 

P.S. Tris was great to work with. We are pleased with his work!

"Tim and Crew,

Thanks for all the cleaning and repairs on my old house. I'll definitely call you in the future if needed."

"If it ain't broke - don't fix it! :)"

"The crew did a wonderful job and we really appreciate all of their hard work at our home!"

"Cory and his crew did an EXCELLENT job!!"

Dear Friends, 

     "On behalf of the Quincy Hospitality House, thank you for the generous gift-in-kind donation of carpet and upholstery cleaning values at 611.73." 

  "You are very kind." 

"I was very impressed with Austin. He was prompt getting to my home and explained everything well and has done an awesome job. Great employee for your company! So glad that he could redo my drywall and paint too!"

"Very satisfied with the work done! SERVPRO went above & beyond for me!"

Thanks to Neil for a good job! No odor, "Like it never even happened."

"The gentleman explained what they were going to do, which I really appreciated. They were very clean and neat. I appreciated their professionalism." 

"Continue giving great customer service. SERVPRO stands behind its work."

I've heard that there's always room for improvement. However, I am totally satisfied and impressed with SERVPRO of Quincy!

"What recommendations would you have to hep the SERVPRO Franchise improve its performance in the future?" The customer's response: 

"None, they were excellent. Most helpful, great sense of urgency, professional and did a great job!"

Did an AMAZING job & fast!

Thank you all for such a great job! We really appreciate all you did and how quickly you responded!

The SERVPRO crew was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job. 

Prompt. Courteous. Knew what to do and did it. Good job!

Great job!!

We were very impressed with the professionalism from SERVPRO in all aspects of their service. We will be happy to recommend them to anyone we know who needs their services! Great job!

Prompt. Courteous. Knew what to do and did it. Good job.

We are very happy with how things went, considering the situation

Excellent service



Your generous gift of cleaning all of the carpets and upholstered chairs was wonderful. Your staff was so great in making sure they had cleaned everything we wanted clean. Please thank them for us. Thanks for all you do for the Quincy Hospitality House and for the community. 




On behalf of the Quincy Hospitality House, thank you for the generous gift-in-kind donation of deluxe carpet cleaning valued at $582.60. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

I was extremely impressed with the way the carpet looked after cleaning. Spots that had been there for a while they removed. I will definitely use SERVPRO again for any cleaning!

After giving our company all 10s, this customer said, "Great job!!"

Everyone is nice and attentive to the (my) customer needs. 

When asked what recommendations she had for the SERVPRO Franchise to improve its performance in the future, Donna's response was, "None. They were great!"

You guys are miracle workers! I couldn't believe the difference when I walked in the house after your crew had been there. 

Your crew has been wonderful, fast and efficient. 

Aaron did very well. Your new employee was also very good. Even the temporary employee had a desire to be helpful. 

"Thank you for everything you've done. You guys have been great."

Thank you so much for your donation of food. Your generosity is so appreciated. 

Thank you for helping people who are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, get back on their feet. You bring so much hope to men and women who are struggling to make ends meet. 

I wish you could feel the gratitude and joy of our Madonna House families. 

With gratitude and admiration,


Executive Director


"The guys did a great job at cleaning my chairs. They look wonderful. I am very pleased with the service." 

"Neil did an excellent job [at cleaning]. He is a very efficient, nice and polite guy. He even did things that were not asked of him."

"No recommendations. SERVPRO is very professional and they do a good job for me. I know when I call SERVPRO the job will be done good and fast."

"Owner stopped by. Great customer service! Very knowledgeable. Very prompt, came on Sunday! Staff/guys were great!"

"Staff was great. Amy was wonderful also."

What recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO Franchise improve its performance in the future?

"None, were great, to keep up the good service."

"There is not one thing you should change. Thanks Tim."

"Thanks for working with us and Safeco as a liaison."

"SERVPRO is very good."

"Very satisfied with this company.. no problems encountered."

Dear SERVPRO, I wanted to thank all of the SERVPRO staff who did an outstanding job of cleaning a back bedroom for me. You did a phenomenal job and got rid on an offensive odor in the bedroom. Your staff is so professional and hardworking. I really appreciate what you did. Thank you so much! Such a professional and hardworking company.

"In the Fall of 2014, we suffered a water damage from a sprinkler line. The damage affected many of our beloved residents’ apartments. Aaron and his team were amazing. They were professional and courteous in working respectfully with the Bickford staff to best accommodate our many resident's needs. I recommend Aaron Smith and his SERVPRO Team to anyone in a crisis situation as well as a simple carpet cleaning. They are excellent!"

Everyone who assisted us were GREAT! Thank you! Quick Response, cheerful attitudes, professional well mannered and wonderful teamwork. Everyone Appreciated!!!

"I wouldn't have made it without all your support and with supporting me and my mess. Your the best, Shirely"

I have always seen the commercials, but I think the service is even better than that. Very Impressed.

Great Service! Nice to deal with overall. Thank you!

Very Professional- it made a very difficult time less stressful. Thanks so much for your service.

Mike is extremely helpful and left no questions unanswered.

All the employees were very courteous/friendly and hard working.

Thank goodness for Aaron Smith and SERVPRO. I made one call and Aaron and his crew were on the spot before I could get there. And they made sure the job was complete and to the satisfaction of both my realtor and insurance agent before pulling out of the driveway. Why would you call anyone but SERVPRO?

It was SERVPRO to the rescue after the Newcomb Hotel fire across the street from my studios. Most everything in the office and studio areas reeked of smoke. Were it not for SERVPRO we would have had a difficult time conducting business. As it was, with the fire occurring on Friday night, SERVPRO equipment ran non-stop over the weekend. By Monday the odor was gone and it was back to business. Aaron Smith and his staff were timely, professional and efficient

Tim and the SERVPRO team of Quincy:

Your generous gift of cleaning all of the carpets and upholstered chairs was wonderful. Your staff was so great in making sure they had cleaned everything we wanted cleaned. Please thank everyone for us. Thanks for all you do for the Quincy Hospitality House and for the community.