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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Water/Mold in Macomb, IL

Amazing experience. The crew was prompt, professional and extremely considerate of their effect on persons in the location. Mine was a residential water/mold clean up. I had thought about doing the project myself. Upon further consideration (and my wife's suggestion) I got a quote from them before I began work. They handled all the heavy lifting. They were quick getting all the materials from A to disappeared. They also worked closely with the adjuster to give me a quality seamless experience. It was definitely worth the price. They even notified me on other areas that would potentially serve as a great health risk if not done properly. My wife, being an RN recognized the pathogens and urged to get it done right the first time. I am extremely satisfied with the experience and look forward to them meeting any other needs that arise in my home.

Great job!!

After giving our company all 10s, this customer said, "Great job!!"

When asked what recommendations she had for the SERVPRO Franchise to improve its performance in the future, Donna's response was, "None. They were great!"

You guys are miracle workers! I couldn't believe the difference when I walked in the house after your crew had been there. 

Your crew has been wonderful, fast and efficient. 

Aaron did very well. Your new employee was also very good. Even the temporary employee had a desire to be helpful.