Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Quincy After Heavy Rains

During the storm that we had last week, this Quincy home suffered a water damage in the basement. Due to the water coming in from outside, the carpet and p... READ MORE

Mold Damage from Water Loss in Quincy

Our production crew was recently called out on a residential water loss. Upon arrival, we discovered that the loss had happened quite a few days before. This re... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Quincy

Due to heavy rains that we received last week and a weak roof, this home suffered a water damage that affected two floors. Due to the amount of time between the... READ MORE

Water Damage in Quincy

In the before image, you can see the spots where the carpet is wet. Unfortunately, in this case, we were not able to save the carpet and pad in this home. We ha... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning After Mold Cleanup

The pictures above are from a duct cleaning we did after cleaning up mold in a home in Quincy. If you have found mold in your home or business and have run your... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning

The ductwork in your commercial building is the distribution pathway for the heated or cooled air produced by your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or boiler... READ MORE

Apartment Building Water Loss in Quincy

SERVPRO of Quincy prefers to restore NOT replace! In some cases following the IICRC standards a water loss can have certain circumstances where materials a... READ MORE

Carpet and Drywall Dryout in Quincy

These photos are from a home here in Quincy. The outside spigot broke, spilling water into the house. The customer was worried that we were going to tear up the... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning After Fire Loss

This is a before and after photo of ducts that we cleaned in Nauvoo after a house fire. Fire, water and wind catastrophes often lead to HVAC systems suckin... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

This family had a sewage backup in their basement. Because of the nature of the water and its contaminants, we had to tear out the drywall and any flooring that... READ MORE